Overdrop Mockups

UX writing and co-design for the cross-platform mobile weather app.

Published on August 22, 2020

Overdrop Mockups

I’m helping to design Overdrop – a weather app for Android and iOS. An elegant, unobtrusive UI style is crucial for an information-heavy app.

Warnings screen.

On the Warnings screen, a dynamic icon comprising three exclamation points indicates the severity of upcoming weather phenomena. Each warning is displayed as a card, with a link to the source available.

Places screen.

The Places screen allows people to save their favourite locations and easily switch between them. Overdrop can also detect the user’s location automatically and update it as they move.

Weather radar.

The weather radar shows a panel with a scale and controls near the bottom of the screen. The scale – ranging from blue to yellow – helps identify precipitation intensity, and a slider lets people see imagery for the past and future. Because it uses a large range of values, buttons are also provided to move three hours (the smallest increment) either way.